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           Twitter Isnít Just a Funny Name; itís An Online Goldmine Just Waiting For You!

When I first heard about Twitter I remember thinking that it was just a little website with a funny name. But Twitter is so much more than that!

Itís a social website that allows you to post ďmini-blogsĒ to let everyone know exactly what you are doing. You can use it to promote sales, promotions, updates, and deals.

You can use Twitter to advertise your products, increase your traffic and boost your profits like you never thought possible.

And the best part is... when you know EXACTLY how to use Twitter to your advantage... it can become the #1 driving force behind your marketing.

But the hard part is trying to figure out how to use Twitter for your Internet marketing needs. It can be a little confusing and complicated.

And that is why I am here; to help you master Twitter and completely change the way you market your product.

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Just imagine being able to transform your free Twitter account into a marketing powerhouse for your website, your blog and your products.

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         Well, You Can Do it ALL with Twitter!

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You need to discover the secrets of Twitter, and you need to start TODAY! You donít want to read a mind-numbing eBook and you donít want to try and decode this information for yourself.

And that is exactly why I have created 14 videos that will walk you through every step and explain everything Ė with humor and energy.

These videos werenít thrown together on a Sunday afternoon. I spend hours upon hours, weeks upon weeks researching all the information.

I have made these videos not only informative and life changing... but also entertaining and interesting as well.

Just take a second and look over what you are going to receive with each power-packed video:  

            Twitter Tutorials Video 01: Series Intro
In this video I will introduce you to the Twitter video series and give you a rundown and brief description of each of the videos.

         Twitter Tutorials Video 02: Twitter Defined
In video 02 I will try and explain the phenomenon known as twitter and how it is used for fun and business. We will cover some of the things to tackle prior to setting up a twitter account. Don't worry, it is completely painless and you'll thank me in the morning.

          Twitter Tutorials Video 03: Setting Up Our Twitter Account
In this video we will cover the steps involved in creating & setting up our Twitter account. Every strong house is built first on a strong foundation. This is the twitter foundation if you will. So don't miss this video.

          Twitter Tutorials Video 04: Creating Our Twitter Background Image
Break out the crayons & construction paper! In video 04 we will be using PhotoShop to create our custom background image. If making your own Background image isn't your cup-o-tea, then we will also tell you where you can get some already made bg images.

          Twitter Tutorials Video 05: Adding the Custom Image to Your Twitter Background
Now that you have your background masterpiece, it is time to show the world - at least the twitter world. In video 05 we will configure, upload and setup your newly created Background image.

          Twitter Tutorials Video 06: How To Get Tweeps (Followers)
Build it and they will come...Well not quite! But it is easy to go get them. In video 06 we are going to cover several proven methods to get the masses to beat a path to your twitter page. Did I mention this is going to be FUN?

         Twitter Tutorials Video 07: Take Twitter for a Spin
In Video 07 we will put the rubber to the road and start using Twitter. We will read and reply to some tweets. We will also mention for those who care... A little about twitter etiquette.

           Twitter Tutorials Video 08: Twitter Tools
In video 08 we are going to introduce you to several Twitter tools or applications that are springing up left & right. These tools will help you connect to, build up and keep track of all things twitter.

          Twitter Tutorials Video 09: How To Combine Emailing & Twitter
This video will introduce you too & show you how to use the new Aweber function that integrates your email broadcasts with your twitter tweets.

          Twitter Tutorials Video 10: How To Combine Blogging & Twitter
Video 10 will show you a couple of ways to increase the readership of your blog or blogs, as well as assist you in the creative blog writing department. While at the same time these techniques will enhance your 'street cred' on twitter.

          Twitter Tutorials Video 11: Telecommute With Twitter
Video 11 will teach you methods you can easily put into place to create and maintain your very own virtual workforce with the help of Twitter. Easy - Fun - FREE!

          Twitter Tutorials Video 12: Twitter Traffic Tips & Techniques
In video 12 you will learn a few easily overlooked techniques to turn your twitter tweets into a flood of traffic to your web pages and blogs.

         Twitter Tutorials Video 13: Twitter Fun Time
In this video you will learn a dirty little secret. Twitter can also be used for just plain old fun! Yea can you imagine? Learn how to talk to a cow or a bridge - Yes you read correctly. These and many more fun & quirky things you can do with Twitter.

          Twitter Tutorials Video 14: How To Make Money With Twitter
In this video you will learn a few ways to monetize your Twitter account - But more importantly, how NOT to monetize your Twitter

 As you can see, with 14 videos and a few simple step-by-step instructions you are going to be able to pull in massive amounts of traffic, get the exposure you crave and skyrocket your profits.

This video is low-resolution to keep the file size small  
The ones you receive are in hi-res AVI and WMV formats

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